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 Calender of Festivals & Events 

In Bali, the endless cycle of Hindu
ceremonies and rituals means that
no matter when you visit, there’s sure
to be something interesting happening
for you to see.

The Balinese Saka calendar is based on
a completely different system from the Roman
calendar. The Balinese base their year on cycles
of 210 days (seven calendar months), with each month
comprising 35 days. Therefore, throughout a Roman calendar
year, certain important Balinese religious ceremonies may come around twice - meaning that there is always a chance you will be in Bali around the time of one of these colourful and festive occasions.

  This lunar calendar is based around the cycle of new and full moons - auspicious occasions and ceremony nights for the Balinese. While most Balinese households make daily ritual offerings, there are certain special days of convergence on the Balinese calendar that require elaborate prayers and offerings to be made to God.

Keep an eye out for full moon ceremonies, as they are often grandiose and extremely colourful affairs – definitely Kodak moments. As temple ceremonies (odalan) often fall on the full moon, it is likely that the celebration will be a large one, attracting thousands of worshippers who make their way to the temple balancing towers of fruit and sweet cakes on their heads. Balinese families will be dressed in their best temple garb on these days - special, joyous occasions filled with prayer, gamelan music, dance, and catching up with friends and family.
  The Balinese are exceedingly tolerant and visitors are always welcome to enter the temples and witness the proceedings. It is important, however, that you wear the appropriate temple dress and observe Balinese etiquette. Your DMC or hotel can instruct you about this and provide you with further details.

As Bali is a multi-cultural society, the holy days of Moslems, Christians and Buddhists are all observed, and on certain days throughout the year you will see worshippers visiting the mosques, churches and temples across the island. With the exception of the Hindu day of silence (Nyepi) when everything in Bali closes down for a 24-hour period, you will still find many restaurants, shops, and businesses open on public holidays.

Lombok Calendar of Events
January 01 New Year’s Day
Celebrated in Bali, as it is the world round.
January 10 Idul Adha
January 14 Full Moon
January 28 Tumpek Wayang
Theatrical groups and puppeteers from all over the island hold ceremonies (performances are forbidden) to pay homage to the shadow puppet theatre. Sacred, heirloom, leather puppets, dance costumes and masks are taken from their storage boxes, sprinkled with holy water or rice, then solemnly re-consecrated.
Calender of Events
January 29 Chinese New Year
Celebrated by Bali’s residents of Chinese descent with family gatherings and prayers at one of the many Chinese temples in Bali such as Griya Konco Dwipayana in Suwung.
January 31 Islamic New Year
February 12 Full Moon
February 18 Saraswati  
A day devoted to Sang Hyang Saraswati, goddess of all knowledge and learning. The last day of the 210-day Balinese calendar cycle, when blessings are made for Holy Scriptures, literature and all tools of learning. Offerings are made to books and libraries on this day but, ironically, it’s forbidden to read on Saraswati.
February 22 Pagerwesi  
Literally 'the day of the iron fences' Pagerwesi is devoted to Sanghyan Pramesti Guru, guardian of the universe. Celebrated in every home compound and temple throughout Bali, Pagerwesi is a popular time for large and colourful temple ceremonies, notably at Payogan Agung Temple in Ketewel.
March 4 Tumpek Landep
A day of devotion to Sanghyang Pasupati and Siwa, the guardians of all things made of metal. Weapons, craftsmen’s tools, motorcycles, cars and buses will all have prayers and offerings made on their behalf on this day. Look for the cars and buses with elaborate palm leaf decorations tied to their front grills. They’ve just been blessed!
March 14 Full Moon
March 27 Pekiyisan  
Beautiful, handcrafted effigies are carried in parade from local temples to Bali’s beaches, particularly in Sanur and Kuta, and tossed into the ocean. Held in the early morning, this ceremony marks the beginning of Nyepi, three days hence.
March 29 Tawur Agung Kesanga
Island-wide, sacrificial ceremonies to welcome the coming of Nyepi. Evening parades accompanied by belaganjur orchestras commence from the community centres (banjar) and usually lead to a central meeting place to mark the start of a night of festivities. Ogoh-Ogoh, huge papier maché monster-like dolls on floats are paraded in the streets to exorcise evil spirits, preparing the way for the purity and serenity that awaits on Nyepi day. A special Perang Api (fire war) to welcome Nyepi is held at Jasi Village, Karangasem.
March 30 Nyepi
Happy New Year 1928 according to the Balinese Calendar. This is a day of absolute silence observed throughout the island when no outside activity is performed, no traffic is seen on the streets, no fires are lit - a day when all of Bali resembles a ghost town and even the airport is closed. This is a day of introspection for Hindu followers who spend the day behind closed doors, with non-Hindus following suit as a sign of respect. Hotel guests are required to stay within their hotel grounds.
Calender of Events
April 8 Tumpek Uduh
Devoted to Sanghyang Sangkara, the guardian of all vegetation. Ceremonies are held in every village to ensure God’s blessing on their crops.
Calender of Events
April 10 Prophet Muhammed’s Birthday
April 12 Full Moon
April 14 Good Friday
The death of Jesus Christ is remembered on this day.
April 15-16 Nusantara Frisbee Championships
Held in Seminyak, Kuta, this international tournament attracts hundreds of participants from all over the world.
April 16 Easter
After a church service at sunrise, many of Bali’s Christians visit the cemetery to pay their respects to departed loved ones.
May 3 Galungan  
This 7-monthly ceremony is observed across the island to celebrate the victory of virtue over evil. Every street is decorated with tall brightly decorated bamboo poles (penjor) to offering thanks to God for the fruits of the Earth. Balinese return to their ancestral villages to repair, clean and bless their family temples in the belief that deceased members of their clan return to earth for the next ten days to dwell briefly again with their kin. Temple ceremonies occur on this day also, and it is an opportune time to witness some gamelan and dance in a traditional setting.
Calender of Events
May 12 Full Moon
May 13 Kuningan  
Celebrated ten days after Galungan marking the return of ancestral spirits and deities to heaven. Special offerings of yellow rice and assorted side dishes are offered to the spirit world. Homes and temples are festooned with ornaments made of young coconut leaves and flowers. Large temple ceremonies are held in many villages, notably in Mas at Taman Pule Temple and on Turtle Island (Serangan) at Sakenan Temple.
May 13 Waisak
The annual Buddhist celebration marking the Buddha’s birth, death and day of enlightenment when many of the faithful visit Bali’s Buddhist monasteries.
May 25 Ascension Day
Christ’s ascension is celebrated by communion in Christian Churches.
June 4-7 Seventh Annual Bali Fashion Week
Held at the Discovery Kartika Plaza in Kuta, this fashion exhibition and trade fair - packed with fashion shows, trade exhibits and networking events - attracts top regional and international players in fashion and jewellery design, ladies’ wear, handbags, men’s wear, shoes, lingerie, fashion accessories, evening wear, sportswear, children’s wear and traditional Indonesian textiles. The final day is open to the public.
Calender of Events
June 06 Billabong Pro Surf Contest
Keramas Beach
June 10 Full Moon
June 17 Tumpek Krulut
The day for objects which produce a sound, traditional gamelan instruments are cleaned, decorated and blessed. Many music clubs also gather to pray for artistic inspiration and share food together.
June 4-7 Seventh Annual Bali Fashion Week
Held at the Discovery Kartika Plaza in Kuta, this fashion exhibition and trade fair - packed with fashion shows, trade exhibits and networking events - attracts top regional and international players in fashion and jewellery design, ladies’ wear, handbags, men’s wear, shoes, lingerie, fashion accessories, evening wear, sportswear, children’s wear and traditional Indonesian textiles. The final day is open to the public.
June 06 Billabong Pro Surf Contest
Keramas Beach
June 10 Full Moon
June 17 Tumpek Krulut
The day for objects which produce a sound, traditional gamelan instruments are cleaned, decorated and blessed. Many music clubs also gather to pray for artistic inspiration and share food together.
June Twenty-seventh Annual Bali Arts Festival
A massive parade of performance groups representing villages accross the island opens this month-long festival of art exhibitions and daily performances of music, dance and drama presented by groups from Bali, overseas and all over Indonesia.
Calender of Events
Calender of Events
Calender of Events
June 5-9 Indonesian Performing Arts Mart
An international showcase of performance and cultural groups from Asia and around the world organized by the Indonesian Ministry of Culture and Tourism.
June-July Kite Festival
Staged on the black volcanic sand beach of Padanggalak, north of Sanur, this annual event attracts enthusiastic entrants from as far as America, Australia and Japan. Young men clad in traditional sarong carry the huge kites in procession and then fly them, the entire ensemble accompanied by marching baleganjur orchestras. Judges score on the visual appearance, balance and aerodynamics of each kite.
Calender of Events
July 1st Week Bull Races (Makepung)  
In Negara in the Jembrana Regency of West Bali, bull races are staged to please the god of harvest. Like thundering Roman chariots, trained bulls are dressed in silk banners, their horns painted, and big wooden bells tied around their necks. Each team is judged on speed and style.
July 10 Full Moon
July 11-31 Rip Curl Pro Surf Contest  
Padang-Padang Beach
July 22 Tumpek Kandang
A day to honour Sanghyang Rare Angon, the guardian of all cattle and livestock. All animals owned by a household are blessed, comforted and well fed on this day.
Early August Nusa Dua Festival
Week-long festivities organized by the hotels and businesses within the Nusa Dua resort complex. Begins with a colourful parade of community cultural groups and continues with daily schedule of culinary arts, crafts and cultural programmes. The festival, now in its ninth year, promises to impress with performances of both traditional and modern art forms.
Early August Payangan Festival
An international festival showcasing traditional performances from all around the world, with an emphasis on ancient and endangered Balinese performing art forms - held in the Payangan community centre over seven nights.
August 8 Full Moon
August 15 Quicksilver Pro Surf Contest  
Halfway Beach
August 17 Indonesian Independence Day
Celebrated with speeches, ceremonies and games in villages and cities across the island and throughout Indonesia. In particular, the night comes alive at the Puputan Square in Denpasar with interesting gamelan and dance performances.
August 21 Isra’ Mi’raj Nabi Muhammad S.A.W
Celebrates the night journey of the prophet.
August 26 Tumpek Wayang  
Late August Umbul-Umbul Festival
Three days of cultural activities staged at Puputan Square showcasing giant Balinese flags, and ending in a flag procession to Sanur Beach.
September 7 Full Moon
September 10-17 Thirteenth Wismilak International Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) Tournament  
In terms of prize money, this is the biggest WTA tournament in Southeast Asia, drawing players and tennis journalists from around the world. Held at the Grand Hyatt Bali in Nusa Dua.
September 16 Saraswati  
September 19 Rusty Pro Surf Contest,
Canggu Beach
September 20 Pagerwesi  
September 24 Ramadhan
The start of the holy fasting month for Moslems.
September 30 Tumpek Landep  
September 30-October 3 Ubud Writers & Readers Festival
A celebration of literature including seminars, workshops and discourses with the participation of prize-winning authors from around the world held in various locations around Ubud. Workshops start September 28.
October 7 Full Moon
October - Second Week Bali Governor’s Cup Golf Tournament
An anticipated 300-350 golfers compete in this tournament which will run simultaneously at all the island’s three main courses Bali Golf & Country Club, Bali Handara Kosaido Country Club and Nirwana Golf & Country Club. Participating golfers will be eligible for attractive lucky draws and other prizes. The overall winner will walk away with the prestigious Governor’s Cup presented by Bali’s chief executive.
October 24-25 Idul Fitri
A two-day celebration of the end of the Islamic fasting month of Ramadan which marks the start of the New Year. Purified by their fasts, Bali’s Moslems begin the New Year by calling on friends and family and asking them for forgiveness for any past misdeeds or slights.
November 4 Tumpek Uduh  
November 5 Full Moon
November 29 Galungan  
Calender of Events
December 5 Full Moon
December 9 Kuningan
December 25 Christmas Day
Celebrated by Bali’s Christians in Protestant and Roman Catholic churches Bali’s hotels are decorated for the day and many present music of the season sung by children’s choirs.
December 31 Idul Adha
Full Moon
Public Holiday

  Calender of Events  
LOMBOK Calendar of Events
March 29 Pawai Ogoh-ogoh
“Ogoh-ogoh” Parade. Tanjung, Gunungsari and Mataram
April 9 Patut Patuh Patju Festival
Male’an Sampi cattle races on a water logged 100-metre-long track, the Tawak-tawa Festival and wayang kulit (shadow puppet) performances. - Narmada
11 - 23
Gendang Beleq Festival  
A famous local dance in which musicians beat huge drums (beleq). Originally performed for soldiers heading for battle and again to welcome them safely home. - Senggigi
July 15 Culture Parade
Marchers, dancers and cidomo (horse drawn buggies) parade to highlight local culture. - Senggigi Square

July - 2nd and 3rd weeks The Senggigi Festival  
A week of cultural events, ceremonies, exhibitions and parades. - Senggigi
July 16 - 21 Presean Culture Show
Mock battles with rattan sticks and shields made of cowhide to ask the higher power to give plentiful rain for the planting season. - Senggigi Square
August 6 Sand Sculpture Contest
A sand sculpture making contest. - Senggigi tourism site
August 17 Independence Day  
Racing and sailing competitions, traditional performances, ritual battles, art fairs and many more festive and cultural events.
18 – 20
Lombok Festival of Presean
Mock battles (see July 16 above) by groups from all over Lombok. - Senggigi
September 21-27 Culture Appreciation and Exhibition
A week of traditional cultural events and art exhibitions. - Mataram, GOR Turide
October 31 Lebaran Topat
A celebration at the end of the Muslim fasting month when a traditional food called topat (rice cakes) is served. - Batulayar
November 5 Mulang Pakelam Rinjani
On the rim of the crater of Mount Rinjani, pilgrims present gold and buffalo-head offerings in gratitude of divine blessings. - Segare Anak Lake, Mt. Rinjani
December 5 Perang Topat
An agricultural fertility ceremony staged during the full moon of the Sasak calendar in Lingsar temple and in Sasak villages by both Hindus and Sasaks who cast topat (rice cakes) at each other. - Lingsar

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