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Dining and Entertainment

You’re lucky to have chosen for your
event an island dear to all food lovers
and where having fun never goes out of style.
With hundreds of distinctive, high-quality restaurants
and nightspots to fit any budget, Bali can make claim
to be one of the world’s finest dining and entertainment
Bali’s hotels spoil their guests for choice. For those prepared to venture outside their resort, the international cuisine available ranges from Moroccan couscous and Mexican enchiladas; to Polish borscht and Swiss fondue; from pizza and

Bali’s pace-setting caterers are expert in handling events and company gatherings in exotic venues where the ambience is as important as the food.

  home-style steaks; to crepes and tingling Thai curries. Japanese, Indian, French, Mediterranean, Classical European, Italian, Swiss, Mexican, Spanish, Moroccan, even Brazilian restaurants are also well represented among local eateries.
Venues & Catering
The comprehensive, opinionated and one-of-a-kind restaurant review website Bali Eats ( maintains detailed listings and reviews of over forty food and dining categories, including ethnic restaurants as wildly diverse as Cuban, Irish and Turkish!

Visiting a restaurant in most western cities often results in having to endure very ordinary food at excessive prices. In Bali we are indeed privileged. Even at the island’s very best dining establishments, the cost of dining is a fraction of what you would pay in any major city.

The stunning views and serene settings are thrown in for free!

A Moveable Feast of Venues
Between Candidasa in the far-east and Tabanan in the west, from the southern coastal strip to Lovina in the far north, Bali offers a mind-stupefying variety of settings that will hold the interest of convention attendees and make for indelible travel memories.

Bali boasts continental-style, fully enclosed air-conditioned boutique restaurants with leather-bound menus; smoky, convivial, grilled seafood cafes within sound of the sea; dining venues in the mountains under a towering bamboo groves; or a meal on the edge of a spectacular river gorge.
Venues & Catering
Several are designed after the décor of a Balinese court or Javanese style private home, with distinctive tempoe doeloe colonial furnishings and intimate, formally dressed tables with crisp white tablecloths surrounded by lagoons and waterfalls. Restaurants may be located at the bottom of a cliff face down a long zigzagging stairway or at the end of a 40-metre-long ironwood quay with outriggers outlined against the sky.

The Ultimate in Fusion Cuisine
Bali is a microcosm of Indonesia’s great cornucopia of island cooking traditions. As well as Balinese cuisine, expect to sample Javanese, Sumatran (Padang), Sumatran (Sundanese) as well as superb Chinese food. But in terms of subtlety, variety and creativity - the Balinese use of spices in the kitchen holds a high rank among Indonesia’s varied cuisines. It’s also becoming much easier to find Western-oriented Balinese food. Where else but Bali would you encounter soups made from green papayas or banana stems?
Venues & Catering
It’s also common for restaurants to include a choice of vegetarian items on their menus. Chinese-style dishes, in particular, are quite adaptable and can easily be ordered without meat. The majority of restaurants have tofu and high protein tempe (fermented soybean cake) in the kitchen which they can prepare in very tasty ways.
Venues & Catering
Bali even has its own enthusiastic and enterprising winemaker which uses only locally grown grapes from the vineyards of north Bali.

A Host of Options

Bali’s stand-alone and hotel restaurants are well experienced in hosting groups of almost any size. A different theme is on offer each night of the week, often accompanied by lively theatre or dance troupes that will enhance the business phase of any gathering and turn the evening into a total dining-out experience.

Meeting venues range from a simple beach repast to a more vibrant and worldly new generation of ethnic restaurants. For special events and meetings, the setting could be as modest as a stylish café or as opulent as a regally appointed raja’s court.
Venues & Catering
  A culinary event that has great appeal to innovative event planners is an evening centred on the famed Rijstaffel, literally “rice table,” an Indonesian smorgasbord made of spiced regional dishes. This dining experience-cum- cultural event is a legacy of Dutch colonial times when pomp and ceremony were the order of the day.
Venues & Catering
A Nice Place to Unwind
New visitors are quick to discover that there is an exciting nightlife in the coastal resorts of southern Bali where they can find anything from ultra-casual jazz cafes and upscale hotel lounges with private air-conditioned VIP rooms, to laid-back outdoor all-day cafes facing a sandy beach crowded with yoga practitioners, to sun worshippers and rowdy groups of volleyball and soccer players.
Venues & Catering
For the more reflective, what more awesome place to linger over drinks than one of the dining venues on the edge of the mammoth Batur volcanic crater?
Venues & Catering

Bali also has no shortage of straight-to-the-beer places just to kick back and relax. For some serious non-stop revelry, the busiest “party” streets are vibrant Jalan Abimanyu and Jalan Double Six in stylish Seminyak, a short drive up the road from Kuta, where new cocktail bars and futuristic music clubs seem to be popping up every month. Hipsters gather at the lively jazz clubs of Sanur and Ubud.
Venues & Catering

Before the evening really kicks in, roadside stalls are gathering points for taking in all the visual and auditory activity of the street. Atmospheric hotel bars and fantasy garden cafes with candlelit tables, where casual dress is a given and soft dreamy music perfectly suits the mood, are also popular end-of-day meeting venues for martinis or a nice bottle of red from Chile, Australia or France.

But if you really want to be in the thick of things Kuta’s after-dark singles crowd heads for one of the island’s off-beat discothèques or boisterous dance bars pulsating with neon, high tech lighting and kinetic energy.

Bali Unplugged & Laid Back

No matter what kind of band music you’re craving, Bali’s live music venues have something for everyone: dynamic hip hop, soulful reggae, laid back world beat, gritty R & R and punk rock, spicy salsa or smooth house music playing the old soft rock classics.

On the other hand, if a quiet game of pool or darts, a pint of ale, traditional Irish music and some hearty company are in order, there’s an authentic Irish pub in Tuban. For virtually any kind of music there’s a Bali venue that will arrange a special event with live entertainment.

As an added bonus when meeting with friends and colleagues, Bali’s music venues and relaxed cafes are peerless places for people-watching, front row seats on the island’s vibrant and entertaining international tourist culture.

On Bali, where the atmosphere means as much as the meal and the patrons themselves are very much part of the décor, come savour a whole world of dining and entertainment pleasure on one island. On the ‘island of the gods’, the night is always young.
Selamat makan! Selamat menikmati!
Venues & Catering
Dining And Entertainment

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