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Shopper's Paradise

Famous for decades as an island where
exquisite paintings, carvings and native handicrafts could be purchased at bargain
prices, Bali’s shopping options have,
in recent years, expanded exponentially.

Bali boasts an impressive pool of local and internationally recognized artists, a fact made abundantly clear upon visiting the showrooms, smart boutique shops and offbeat art galleries of Ubud, Nusa Dua, Sanur, Kuta, Legian and Seminyak.

  Other great buys include leather clothing; batik cloth; gold-threaded songket; tie-dyed ikat textiles and garments; gold and silver filigree; as well as and modern jewellery.

On offer is everything from the purely ornamental to ultra contemporary. It’s a wonder that so many beautiful things are made on such a small area of the planet’s surface!
The island’s growing reputation as a shoppers’ paradise is the result of the happy marriage of modern merchandising expertise and the innate flair and ingenuity of Balinese artists and artisans.

MICE participants and their partners will find that retail malls, shopping promenades and countless interesting stores are located within easy reach of their hotel.

Souvenirs & Handicraft

Yes, the beautiful paintings and finely crafted woodcarvings are still there - as they have been since the 1920s - and remain extremely good value, but together with a multitude of signature arts and crafts, Bali offers a world of choice to modern shoppers.


Bali Fashions

Outfit yourself with the latest fashions - from casual beach clothing and high-end ready-to-wear to glamorous evening gowns and traditional kebaya (blouses), Bali’s designer outlets and upscale hotel shops contain items as chic as anything in the most stylish shopping centres of Singapore or Hong Kong, rivalling even the great fashion houses of Europe.

Top-notch Italian, French, American, as well as hot Indonesian designers have based themselves here - energetic artists and entrepreneurs who produce an extensive range of stylish and precisely cut clothing and quality fabrics. In June each year, talented local designers showcase their collections in the annual Bali Fashion Week, an event which highlights the best of Indonesia’s vibrant and flourishing fashion industry.

Shopping has become easier with the opening of the several modern malls over the last few years, including the Bali Collection Lifestyle & Entertainment Complex in Nusa Dua in 2005, all of these virtual temples dedicated to Bali’s greatest indoor sport.

Souvenirs & Handicraft

Souvenirs and Handicrafts
Handicrafts have always been Bali’s export primadonna. An array of such lovingly and cleverly made crafts and objets d’art such as carved banana trees and garuda birds; terracotta and glazed ceramics; baskets and bamboo furniture; and striking household accessories and gift items from fine bed linen to gaudy bric-a-brac - all can be found attractively displayed in literally thousands of shops.

Don’t forget to seek out the small, exclusive specialist shops by navigating the labyrinth of side streets in Kuta, Legian and Seminyak.
Bali also takes pride of place as one of the largest emporiums in Indonesia for genuine antiques and ethnic products - a rich treasure trove which draws hundreds of collectors, buyers and dealers from all over the world.

Originating from the more than one hundred regencies that make up this vast archipelago, in Bali’s modern shops you’ll find old Batak augury books from North Sumatra; rare double-woven ‘flaming’ gringsing cloth; mother of pearl from the southeast islands; asmat bisj poles from remote New Guinea; and teakwood furniture from the court cities of Central Java.

Bali has the added bonus of being the place to shop for unique and quintessentially appropriate conference gifts, branded souvenirs, logo t-shirts, satchels, and welcome packs, all at extraordinary low bulk-rate prices.

In case you get completely carried away, your Bali DMC (Destination Management Company) will be able to suggest a number of trustworthy cargo and freight forwarding agents to help ship the spoils of a big shopping spree back home; whether it be a half container of reproduced antiques and ceramics or a small crate of sarongs and disassembled picture frames shipped surface post.

Souvenirs & Handicraft

Bali's Best Buys
Basket ware
Beauty and Spa Products
CDs and DVDs
Clothing accessories
Children’s clothing
Fabrics (silk, lace, linen)
Home wares
Puppets (wayang)
Shoes and open-toe sandals
Wind Chimes
Works of Art

Souvenirs & Handicraft

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